Social Spider CIC – Helping change happen

Social Spider is a small social enterprise based in London.

Social Spider has been helping change happen since 2005.

Social Spider is good at finding things out.

Social Spider is good at working out what needs to be done.

Social Spider works on projects around social finance, community media, health, mental health and developing digital solutions to social challenges.

Social Spider brings special knowledge and experience around interview-based research; business models for social change; working with people to make media that matters to them; change within mental health; and; ways to turn the realities of the lives of people and organisations into insights and projects that bring about change.

Most of the time Social Spider helps other organisations and groups with what they’re doing but sometimes we spot something that needs doing and do it ourselves.

Social Spider publishes newspapers, conducts research, provides strategic support, assists digital projects and helps organisations answers questions.

We’d love to talk to you about your projects and how we might help.

Check out our current team and our areas of work to see who we are, what we’re interested in and ways that we might work together with you, your organisation or your project.

RBS: The Forest for the Trees


the forest for the trees image

Social Spider has been commissioned by RBS to write a report highlighting the significant level of existing investment in the social sector by mainstream banks and questioning whether the ‘social investment market’ is filling major gaps.
News related to The Forest for the Trees: Pioneers Post and Civil Society 

Finding Better Problems for Better Solutions: Digital Insights for Hackney Advice Centre

Commissioned by Hackney Community Law Centre, Social Spider carried out a number of sessions with voluntary sector advice providers and advice seekers in the London Borough of Hackney in Summer/Autumn 2015.
Read Law, Technology and Access to Justice’s review of the report here.

Centre for Mental Health: A Day in the Life

A day in the life

Social Spider conducted a one-year crowdsourcing project that asked people living with mental health difficulties one very simple question: What was your day like? What made your mental health better and what made it worse?

Big Lottery: Social Investment Guide

Social Investment Explained

Social Spider CIC is working in partnership with social enterprise umbrella body, Social Enterprise UK to produce a guide to the market. 

Social Enterprise: What’s love got to do with it?

Social Enterprise What's Love Got to Do With It
Social Spider CIC has been commissioned by Intentionality CIC to research and write a think piece exploring the role of love in social enterprise.

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