Social Spider works with organisations and individuals to help them to move their ideas and organisations to the next stage.  We’re good at getting you unblocked when you’ve hit a brick wall and helping to get ideas and actions moving again. Sometimes in times of pressure and business it can be difficult to find the space to reflect and think strategy, business models and development. Social Spider can bring that something extra at the right time to get stuff travelling forwards again.

Areas of expertise: working with organisations to define and understand problems, facilitated strategic discussion, market opportunity analysis, process and product evaluation, business model development

We enjoy helping organisations and projects to examine why they’re doing what they’re doing and what they might do in future to created a greater impact and to increase sustainability and legacy. We can’t always do the hard work for you but we can help take some of the work out of deciding which bits of hard work it’s important to undertake.

Using our research and facilitation skills and our areas of expertise we can fill in the gaps in your thinking; help you to find out what you need to know; and; bring energy and enthusiasm when you feel most stuck.