Social Spider is experienced in designing and delivering discovery work within digital projects from initial exploratory work, through to prototyping and user testing.  Social Spider works between client and developer to make sure that the needs, desires and preferences of multiple stakeholders are not lost during the implementation of digital projects.

Areas of expertise: user insight development, development of user stories and use cases, co-design, process mapping, developing acceptance criteria, user feedback development, discovery phases, product management

Social Spider can help to get the real experience of people into the process of digital product design and development so that what finally gets built is something that people want to use.  We can assist in the development of user stories; user persona and structured user feedback and testing.

Social Spider can help with the surfacing of user insights to guide development and in understanding user acceptance.  Social Spider can help digital projects to understand the landscape into which a new digital intervention will be deployed and in the development of new concepts and digital approaches.

Social Spider is experienced in working with groups of stakeholders as part of iterative design processes and in supporting organisations to understand where best they might begin to develop digital products or services to meet user demand.