Start Spreading The News: The new community media blog from Social Spider

21st December 2018

Social Spider have finally taken the plunge and launched a new blog ‘Start Spreading the News’ over at to document our community media work.  Says Anna Merryfield, Project and Research Manager:  “David  and I decided it was about time that we set up a Social Spider Community Media blog so that we could shout about all the great work we’re doing.”

a photo in situ on medium of Social Spider Team members involved in our community media work: team members: David Floyd (managing director), Anna Merryfield (project and research manager), James Cracknell (editor in chief), Jonathan Duncan (artistic director)

Just part of the Social Spider Team involved in our community media work, in their new blog home at

The blog will cover issues and stories related to publishing Social Spider’s three community newspapers as well as wider discussion and examination of issues around local democracy, news and the business of making sustainable community media.

You can follow Start Spreading The News over at Medium to be updated every time a new post is added: